Holiday thoughts and our plant based vegan challenge starts January 1st!


Hello friends,
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I am blessed to be having a wonderful week full of family, food and friends. Trying to fit in meditation during the holidays has been interesting, but I have taken time to reflect on how fortunate my family and I are. Gratitude is a big part of my meditation practice and this week thoughts of children around the world keep popping into my head. I realized how fortunate I am to live in Canada. My children are not experiencing their childhood in a war torn country, or a country ravaged by a natural disaster or an AIDS epidemic. Myself and my children were just lucky enough to be born in this particular place at this particular time. I know there are many families living in there own private war zones here in Canada and I am sending love and prayers their way as we’ll. Meditating on this topic over the holidays has motivated me to give back more to people, the earth and animals. It is all connected. I have been living a plant based diet for a while now, but I am more motivated then ever to be the healthiest and strongest I can be to give back to the planet any way possible.
Plant Based Vegan Challenge:
I would love for others to kick start their health and wellness by joining Health, Wealth and Baby in a 30 day Plant based vegan challenge. Cleanse your spirit, your mind and body. I am working out all the details and I will post them New Years eve! Peace, love and fitness xoxo Anna.


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