Day 9- Tropical Smoothie

Morning healthy peeps, its day 9 of the 10 easy vegan lunches. Today’s lunch is a tropical smoothie for all you busy moms on the go!

I love smoothies they are so hydrating and refreshing. I have at least one a day. A green smoothie with kale or spinach is usually my staple but sometimes its good to switch it up with something a little sweeter and more refreshing.

Now its cold…lets pretend we are in a tropical climate sipping on tropical smoothies!!This tropical smoothie is so tasty, because it is sweet and tangy all in one.

For this recipe you will need one brown spotted banana, 1 mango, half an apple and 1 cup of diced pineapple. Place fruit in blender with a cup of almond milk and 4-6 ice cubes. Put it on blast and before you know it you too will be sipping on a tropical smoothie 🙂

This recipe fills up two 500ml mason jars. Mason jars are perfect for bringing juices and smoothies on the go. Plus everything looks so much cuter and tastier in a mason jar. Make sure you consume within 4-5 hours. Also you may need to shake before you drink.

Ps This is a great option for all you pregnant mamas because it is so hydrating. I killed this smoothie when I was pregnant, especially in the first trimester when I was not feeling well.

Enjoy and have a great weekend all you healthly people  xoxo


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