10 Easy Ways to Sneak in a Meditation.

10 Sneaky places to meditate. Remember You can’t do it wrong, you own your practice. Take a deep breath and gift yourself with the present moment. 
1- Do a walking meditation. Not all meditations are done seated in a quiet space. Walking meditations can be ultra relaxing, especially for those people who have extra/nervous energy. Whether you are walking the dog, going to catch the bus, or taking a walk in nature, try listening to calming music or simply tune into the present moment (i.e. recognize the beautiful trees or the fresh air around you).

2- Read a book. Huh?? Yes, read a book, although it is not a traditional meditation, taking time away from technology and getting in touch through inspirational words can be very beneficial. Choose a book of mantras, an inspiring story or a personal growth book. Tune in and connect with the written word.

3- Sitting in your car. Sometimes I arrive at places 10 minutes early, park my car and meditate. This habit started when my first child would have his best naps in the car. I would go to the gym an hour early and sit in the parking lot while he slept. It was actually very peaceful and quiet.

4- In your child’s bed (If you don’t have a child I sure you can borrow one…) Sometimes I will lay with my children if they are taking a nap or going to bed and listen to my breathing and meditate. I will even listen their breathing too (is that creepy? or a mom thing?) It is actually very soothing and grounding.

5- Laying in bed at bedtime. Many days this is the only place I can meditate. Aka when I am procrastinating to the final moment. I may put on music or white noise, keep the lights low and the electronics away.

6- Meditate in the shower. Sometimes the only peace and quiet we get is in the bathroom. Take a few extra minutes and listen to your soul and what you are feeling. Slow down and tune into you, you may discover you have feelings, thoughts or emotions you were not aware of. It is important to be aware of what we are feeling and remember to never judge your thoughts or emotions.

7- Standing in a long lineup. There is no such thing as wasted time. If you go with the natural flow of the universe and remind yourself not to resist things you can’t control, you can use long waits as a gift from the universe or a “sign” telling you to slow down. Just go with it and take in a few energizing breaths. Think about letting go of heavy energy and breathing in fresh vibrant light. Be kind and smile, everything will be ok.

8- Say a prayer at mealtime. This prayer doesn’t have to be religious it is simply about gratitude and connection. While you are seated in front of your meal say a prayer, take a deep breath and connect with your body. Recognize the abundance around you.

9- At the gym. Sometimes after my workout, I will stretch and then lay on a mat and take a few cleansing breaths or listen to relaxing music. Remember your physical fitness will never be where you desire if you do not make a mind body connection. Try using a mantra such as “I respect my body, I respect my mind”.

10- In a waiting room. When you are waiting at the doctor or at the bank (note: child free only, trust me). While sitting or standing, soften your face, soften your collar bone and tune into your breathing. Let your feet feel connected to the earth, ground yourself.




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