Have you lost weight? 5 motivators to get your butt in the gym!

Have you lost weight? Who doesn’t love those 4 little letters strung together? Here are 5 tips to help motivate you to get your butt in the gym!

1). Visualization

How good does it feel to be just finishing a work out and walking towards the change rooms? How about that feeling when you get home after a gangster work out and hit the coach? Visualize those feelings and use that visualization as a motivator to get you to the gym. Picture yourself leaving the gym. Picture how you will feel driving home from the gym. Picture how good you will feel once the workout is done! keeping visualizing till you get up and get to the gym!

2). Podcasts

The gym and podcasts are a perfect match! Plus podcasts are great motivator to get you in the gym. Find a few great podcasst and make them your gym only podcasts. Sometimes I go to the gym just to have an excuse to listen to some of my favorite podcast and not feel like I am being unproductive.

Ps If you have not discovered podcasts you are seriously missing out. Get on that! Here are few of my favorites- for crying out loud, Alison Rosen, fat burning man, the CrabFeast and Jillian Michaels.

3). New Gear

Stop wearing torn up ghetto outfits to the gym and get yourself into something cute! I know its superficial but cute workout clothes just make going to the gym so much better. And there is nothing else to say about it.

4). Classes

Committing to a weekly class is great way to get you in the gym on a regular basis. First of all it’s planned and organized, so all you have to do is show up. Secondly when you begin to attend a class on the regular, you will begin to see the same people and a little community forms. The friends you start to bond with helps pull you into the gym weekly. Plus the social pressure of knowing that everyone will know that you skipped out is extra motivation. Lastly the instructor usually gets to know everyone in the class. This means when you skip a class the instructor usually asks about why you missed the class. No one wants to be in the teacher’s bad books!

5). Mommy Time

Let your kids screaming, running and destroying your house be your motivation to get to the gym. Hitting the gym is the perfect escape. Even if its just a 30 minute walk on the trend mill a gym. The number one requirement for all fit moms is a gym with child care. If you have found one  yet this is a must. When contemplating should I pack up all the kids and go to the gym or just skip? Think of how the day can just drag and how much better you will feel knowing that you got your work out in and a break from sitting in the house.


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