How to stop worrying about what other people think.

She is soooo Judging me right now.
She is soooo Judging me right now.

1- Acknowledge your part in how you are feeling. Are you projecting? Sometimes the things you think others are thinking about you are actually things you are thinking about yourself. Ask yourself if you blaming your insecurities and negative thinking on other people. Often times it is you that has created the storyline in your head.

2- Put your worries in perspective. Ok, this may sound harsh, but we are not as riveting as we think. Of course your energy, your work and your presence is important, but everyone has their own realities, obsessions and distractions. Chances are, people are not hyper-focused on you. Next time you start wondering if people are judging or commenting on your life, try to remember people are not spending too much time analyzing you.

3- Be kind to yourself. Try not to tear yourself to shreds! Perhaps some people are more prone/addicted to negative self-talk or over self-analysis, this doesn’t make you a better or worse person it is just a part of your journey, chalk it up to being extra thoughtful. If you are the type that has a tendency to critique everything you say or do, please try to be kind to yourself. We are all trying our best to negate our experience in the world and it is not always perfect or pretty.

4- Drop it. What’s that? Drop it? I didn’t even know that was an option. Sure is! Let it go, abandon ship or should I say abandon thought. You do not need to continue down every thought process that comes up. Ask yourself: Is this inner dialogue productive? Of corse some self analysis is good and helps you learn to do things better, but if you find you are simply harping over and catastrophizing(I made this word up) a non-important situation, you need to drop it.

When in doubt…Meditate.

This mini meditation is to help you remember to be kind to yourself and others, let go of heavy energy.Β Sit or lay in a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax your face and repeat these words: “Let go and be kind.” Mini tip: Set an alarm for 5-10 minutes, that way you can relax in the meditation and not worry about when it is over.


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