I am back to reality! New June Goals!

Hi Friends,

I have been a lazy blogger lately. But the good thing is although I have not been writing a lot, I have been doing a few cool things that have inspired me to set some new goals and reestablish some old commitments. I am excited I will have new things to share and write about. The winter was very long and traitorous this year and there are only so many indoor activities that my 2 toddlers and I could do. I feel like we bonded physically (lots of cuddles), but the long days inside definitely  challenged my mental state and patience (I pray for patience, above all). Now that the leaves are back on the trees and a can smell the ocean air, I am focusing on abundance. Abundance of: love, plant foods, prayer, meditation, energy, physical activity, sunshine, breathing, learning, sharing and gratitude. I have listed a couple goals and a few updates below. Have a happy, healthy day xoxo Anna.

Goal: I am going Fully Raw Vegan for 14 days:

My Plant Based lifestyle has been a little rocky lately. I am not ashamed to admit slip ups, because I believe it is a process and I know I will eventually reach my destination. I have been shifting between vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian back to vegan for 10 years (nothing is ever simple with me, obviously). One thing I do know is that I feel optimal and awesome when I am on a plant based lifestyle and that is my goal. I am doing a challenge with one of my favourite YouTubers Fully Raw Kristina! You can take a look at all her amazing vids if you like and I will keep posted on my results. I am aiming for Fully Raw for 14 days (or at least 2 of 3 meals raw, I may add rice or quinoa at dinner if need be). Of course this means vegan too. I took a few pics to gauge my results. I am aiming for more definition all over. I usually dislike taking body pics, because as a trainer and instructor, I feel I should walk around with a permanent 6 pack, but thats not always reality 😉

Update: I went to YogaFit Training and LOVED IT! Thanks Paul xo



Yoga fit training was amazing. I have always wanted to take a yoga training, I currently teach a yoga/pilates mix (Les Mills Body Flow). When I researched yogaFit I thought it was a perfect fit for me, because you can do your training in “bit size” chunks, which is perfect for moms or people that can’t commit to a full 200 or 500 hour course right off the bat. I learned a lot! I am planning on continuing on over the years and eventually reaching my 500 hours.


Goal: Calm in the Storm, Not Before:

Trusting the journey and staying present. Life is so unpredictable and so precious. Late last month when a 30 year old friend of my sisters was hit and killed while biking, I was reminded that life is not all about planning and getting to the next destination. It is all about the present moment, that is all that exist. Often times the present moment is uncomfortable, chaotic or stressful. But, it is ok to be the calm in your own storm, to sit with your emotions, take in what is happening and breath. We can’t wait for the perfect moment it may come. Here is me mediating in my car.




Update: David and I were in Mexico for my beautiful friends Leeanne and Matt’s wedding!








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