Raw Food Update: Dairy, Digestion and Facebook.

Hi Everyone,

I just finished the raw food challenge and it went pretty smooth. I have been doing one cooked vegan meal at night (rice or quinoa usually), this was my intention when I started the challenge anyway, I like like the texture of cooked food once a day. It hasn’t been too challenging because I eat like this 75% of the time anyway. But I do thrive off the structure and motivation of a group challenge, plus I had started to fall down the processed carb path and dairy (gasp!!) had snuck in a couple times. Dairy is a touchy subject for many reasons, I have been scolded on social media in the past when I discussed some of the downsides to dairy. All I can do is speak from my personal experience. I had horrible digestion for years and it was uncomfortable and frankly depressing. Once I cut out dairy and adopted a plant-based diet I was able to stop taking the prescription digestion meds I was on and I haven’t (and will not again) take laxatives or fibre pills.If you have digestive issues, I highly suggest eliminating dairy and seeing how it feels for you. Anyway, how did I get on this nasty topic???


On a completely unrelated topic, I took the Facebook App off my phone. I loooooove social media! But, I must admit my addiction to my iPhone is at times a bit out of control, I am powerless against it. There has to be a 12 step for this…right? There is a time and a place for social media and it is not when I am at a red light (shameful), it is not when I am in the backyard with kids (double shameful), and it is not when I am at a family dinner (reasonable?).  I am not doing anything pressing or important on my phone 80% of the time, usually just rechecking emails and browsing social media sites, It can be an addictive waste of time! Since I took the FB App off my phone, I only check it during my allotted screen time (yes I need to treat myself like a child, I have the impulse control of a toddler), this is better for me and I am sure everyone around me. I respect and love all the amazing free content people put out there, so I will never turn my back on social media, I will just keep it productive. As far as instagram is concerned, I am so obsessed I am not even willing to cut back 🙂

Here are a few ways to help you manage your screen time:

1-  Allot specific email and social media time. Instead of constantly checking but not clearing your email accounts or browsing aimlessly on FB, write down what times and for how long you will be on your device or computer. For example: 20 min at 8am, 20 min at 1pm and 20 min at 730pm, thats a total of one hour. Structure is actually liberating!

2-  Place your phone in glove box when you drive. Everyone knows the danger of driving and texting or checking, but people do it all the time. Remove the option by putting your device out of sight.

3- Set a bedtime for your technology. The glow from your screens can be overstimulating and disturb your sleep. It can also dupe you into staying up later then you need to. Commit to a lights off/shut down time.

Thats all for now. Thank you for catching up with me xoxo Anna.





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