5 Healthy habits that take 5 miuntes or less!

Why do healthy habits seem to always slip during the summer months? Spending so much of the summer outside, in beautiful surroundings, in small amounts of clothing- it seems like you would be at your healthiest. My problem begins with the busy schedule that comes with summer, I get thrown off my regular routine and my habits begin to slip. I have been trying to find easy ways to keep on my healthy grind while running from one activity to next. This summer I have taken on a few new habits that have allowed me to remain on track with my health. I have put my new habits in a list to share with you guys and hopefully you will find them helpful. And because time is the part which I struggle most with in the summer, all my new habits take 5 minutes of less!

Mono- meal
A mono meal is exactly how it sounds it is a meal made up of one food item. For example eating solely bananas for lunch or eating only mangos for breakfast. I have known about mono meals for a while but never really got into the practice of having them till this summer. This habit came along one morning while Sadie and I were at a farmers market. We were there to have breakfast at a little café with my in-laws. It was really hot and I felt completely uninterested in eating anything hot or cooked and apparently so was Sadie, as she was refusing to even sit in the café. I told the family to order without us and Sadie and I went for a stroll around the market. We came along a vegetable and fruit stand which had pints of beautiful locally grown strawberries. I bought two pints and we returned to the café. Sadie sat down and started eating from one of the pints and I did the same with the other. In no time both pints were gone and Sadie and I were full. And there you have it we both had experienced our first mono meal!

I started to do this more as the summer went on and now I love this healthy habit. No one feels like cooking or being in kitchen for a long period of time in the summer and with mono meals you don’t have too. All that is required is to wash your fruit item put in bowl and bam you have lunch or breakfast made in less than 5 minutes. Plus if you find a food item your child loves, you can avoid the frustration of trying to force them to eat a cooked meal that they don’t really want. I figure I would rather Sadie eat a bowl strawberries than nothing at all.

Kale juice
Juicing, juicing and more juicing has been my obsession this summer. Much like mono meals I always been aware of juicing but I never really got into till this summer. One because I didn’t have a juicer and two because I just preferred the bulk and fiber of a smoothie. However beginning pregnant I find I get full so much faster and was getting turned off by the bulk of a smoothie. Then I realized that you don’t need a juicer to make juice and a blender and a strainer does the trick- I started juicing and have fallen in love. The quickest and easiest juice I have come to love is; kale, lemon and a dash of agave. All you need to do is wash kale, throw in the blender with water and blend till kale becomes liquefied. Next you can poor the liquid through a strainer and squeeze in some lemon and agave to taste. No peeling, chopping, no messy clean- this juice can be made in seconds and is delicious!!!!!!!

Snap Peas
I have completely fallen in love with these tasty little things. Snap peas are crispy and crunchy which satisfy that urge for something like chips or pretzels and they are also refreshing and filling which satisfy your hungry and summer dehydration. However the best part about snap peas, they are so easy to prepare whether you are eating them at home or bringing them on the go. They require no cutting, no peeling and grooming what so ever other than washing. Plus they is no waste or core to get rid of once your done eating. I have been in the habit of always having a Ziploc bag of snap peas in my purse. I am not the only one who has seen the light when it comes to snap peas, as I have notice in numerous grocery stores little to go packs of snap peas already washed and bagged. This new habit takes seconds to incorporate into your day and a great way to more green vegetables into your life.

Mint and Water
I spend so much of the summer feeling hot and dehydrated. To beat this feeling all summer I have had a to go cup filled with ice cold water and mint. This drink is so refreshing and nice to have as a carry along where you go. I grow my own mint in my garden and it is simple to grow. I don’t tend to it much as it does not require much attention. I find in Nova Scotia it also grows wild all over the place. The property at my cottage has wild mint spurting out of every bush and shrub. Prep time for this habit is minimal, wash mint, add to water glass and your set! Added bonus it looks really stylish. I know it’s just mint and water but it is a nice looking accessories, it’s the updated version of totting around a huge Starbucks.

5 Minute meditation
All you HWB readers know that Anna and I are meditation junkies and are always preaching the benefits of this mental practice, however I find in the heat of the summer this is one of the first of my healthy habits that drops. I usually try to commit to 20 minutes a day- but this summer I allowed myself to do 5 minutes and I have had been able to keep up the habit. Remember don’t throw the baby out with bath water- just because you can’t do something prefect doesn’t mean you should abandon the mission all together. Do what you and trust those 5 minutes is a lot better than none.

I love these new habits and hopefully you guys will too!



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