What’s Up with Health, Wealth and Baby?

Hello Friends,

It has been awhile. I have to admit I have been a bad blogger. I Love blogging for several reasons. One being that I can use myself as a guinea pig and share my experience and results. I love the experimental, data collecting and result sharing aspect blogging. The reason my sister and I started this blog was because we wanted to grow. We wanted to take our lives, our wellness, our nutrition, our mindsets, our parenthood to the next level. We wanted learn more, feel everything and document the process.
Maternity leave was the catalyst for the blog. Being home with children or even just motherhood alone challenged us in a completely foreign capacity. It was an amazing time of growth and a great time to learn and share. This year Bekah and I are both running our own businesses, we are meeting lots of inspiring entrepreneurs and we can’t wait to share this new aspect of our lives. Also, I will be sharing all the details of my current fitness, nutrition and wellness routines (information on hormones, metabolism, body image, whole foods and much more). Our new adventures took us away from the blog for a time, but we are back with new experiences, new projects and lots to share. Reunited and it feels so good xoxo Anna.


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