Farewell to Summer

This has been one of the best summers! Even without alcohol or being able to stay up past 830pm due to pregnancy exhaustion. Sadie is a great age to enjoy the beach and the water and we have taken full advantage. I have also been able to spend a lot of time with niece and nephew who are also great ages for enjoying all the summer activities. One of my favorite weekends of the summer was Continue reading “Farewell to Summer”

Hey exhausted moms, have you ever heard of a Sleep Coach?

Hi friends (sleepy moms in particular),

The post below is not my voice. It is a good friend of mine. She posted this personal story on her Facebook a couple days ago and I thought it was so honest and interesting, I just had to repost! I never used a sleep coach with either of my children, but I certainly (still do) had days and nights were I thought the exhaustion of a “nighttime waker” would swallow me up and that I would never recover. Continue reading “Hey exhausted moms, have you ever heard of a Sleep Coach?”

My summer focus. Take a look at my daily favourites.

Toddler Tantrums and Mommy Meltdowns


Hi parents or friends of parents,
Before I became a mother I envisioned that I would simply integrate my children into my busy fun life. Turns out babies/toddlers are not as portable as they look. Here is another thing I learned, toddlers have minds, emotions and most certainly plans of their own. They are human beings after all…apparently. Being a mother is the hardest thing I have ever done. It has brought out the absolute best in me and also the worst. (Truth? Or mother guilt?). Bottom line, Continue reading “Toddler Tantrums and Mommy Meltdowns”

4 Tips to help decrease morning sickness!

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone and their mother is pregnant?

Well guess what??? I am pregnant too!!!! Β Hahaha – but seriously I am really pregnant.

This pregnancy has started much like my first with a lot of morning sickness, mood swings and exhaustion. I am 13 weeks today so hopefully I will start to see the sickness decrease and the energy increase!!! I hope…

Last pregnancy I found myself reaching for a lot of junk food in the beginning phase, hoping it would make me feel better and unfortunately it didn’t work. It’s like when your hangover and you keep thinking if you eat the perfect combo of nachos, beer and bread you will feel better. The thing is you never feel better till the hangover has passed and your back to your normal state. Pregnancy is no different. My first pregnancy I was trying to make the prefect concoction that would make me feel back to normal. The thing is I was not going to feel back to normal till either I gave birth or I got out of the first trimester and my body’s hormones begin to decrease. So what did I do in the mean time? Below is a list of a few things that has really helped me get through the first 3 months.

Watermelon, orange, pineapple juice

The early days of pregnancy have left me feeling bloated, dehydrated and uninterested in water. I usually love water but for some reason I am currently battling to get it down. Enter my new obsession- Juicing! I know, I know how trendy of me, but I was never really into juicing before. I was always a smoothie girl and felt like juicing was a waste of the fruits fiber. Well things have changed and homemade fruit juice is here to stay. Homemade fruit juice is refreshing, hydrating and ohhhh so yummy!!! My three favorites are watermelon, tangerine and pineapple. This really has helped my nausea big time. Please find a recipe for my watermelon juice here-Β http://healthwealthandbaby.com/2014/02/06/watermelon-juice-recipe/

Candles to beat smell aversions

Pregnancy brings along a keen sense of smell. When I am pregnant I can pick up the scent of anything and everything- good or bad. This pregnancy I have had a number of cooking smells that turn my stomach. My doctor also told me a lot of morning sickness is triggered by smells. To battle these smells I have become obsessed with candles. Candles really help provide any room with a fresh scent, but you have to find a good candle. I bought a few soy base candles from target for $5 and $10 and they work really well. Some candles smell nice in the store but once you start burning them at home you smell nothing. Arbonne also sells amazing soy based candles that smell so deliciously fresh and vibrant you will go crazy. These unfortunately are bit more expensive but if you have the dough do it!! I have a few candles downstairs and I also put a few in my bedroom. Nothing is nicer than getting into a bed with clean cozy sheets and deliciously scented candle a blaze. When you’re pregnant so many of life treats and delights are off limits, so you really start to appreciate the small things.

Lemon Drops

I have been blessed with mental for both of pregnancies. The annoyance of a metallic taste in your month 24/7 is really a test of your patience. However I have found a way to get one step ahead of metal mouth- lemon drops! I discovered these little gems one day at my dad’s house and they work like charm. You can buy them at bulk barn and probably most grocery stores. I always have a tin on my and just keep popping throughout the day.

Crunch, crunch and crunch all day long

When I am pregnant I feel like if I am not eating I feel sick, so I try eat small meals and eat more frequently.Β  I always have a stash of healthy snack which include; carrots, honey dew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple, green peppers or peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Eating small snacks throughout the day allows me to keep some food in my stomach at all times. Having food in your stomach is a great defense against morning sickness.

Hope this list helps you through the sick periods of your pregnancy. I will always be sharing my pregnancy journey on our youtube channel. Link will be added soon.

Remember, that the sickness and exhaustion will pass and before you now it your pregnancy will be over and you will be on to the next thing. It’s important to enjoy this moment and try not to rush to the next trimester or phase. I know this harder to do than say when you’re sick and tired. This is something I am constantly battling with and reminding myself that I should be present in the moment good or bad.Β  Be kind and gentle to yourself you are creating a human. That is F***ing amazing!!!!!

Peace and Love xoxoxoxoxox

Give Love xoxo

My valentine this morning.
My valentine this morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Self love is so important, we can love ourselves through exercise, through healthy eating, with meditation and most certainly with relaxation. I know we have all heard time and time again that we need to take care of ourselves before we can truly take care of others.Β But let’s be honest this principal can be an impractical at times. For example: sometimes the kids actually do need to come first (they are high maintenance…). Sometimes a friend or family member needs extra support and our personal self-care routine gets put on hold. But one thing that takes no extra time at all is the practice self love. Be aware of the thoughts you put into your head or the things that you tell yourself. It takes the same amount of effort to say something kind to yourself then to say something cruel. Thoughts are not always facts. Nurture and be kind to yourself and let this light transfer to the outside world. Be open, supportive and loving to yourself and others as you move throughout your day. Give love, its free xoxo

Treats for my sweets! Note: We always have a massive bowl of bananas on our table.
Treats for my sweets! Note: We always have a massive bowl of bananas on our table.

Friday Night Pizza Party!

Growing up we always had pizza on Friday nights and we are continuing the tradition with our families.

Pizza just suits Friday.

Its hard to say the word pizza without saying the word party, isn’t?

Anyway enjoy the video and we apologize for the poor quality. Health, wealth and baby is currently in the works to bring you guys better videos! Stay tuned.

Halloween Festivities

Here are a few photos from all our Halloween festivities!

Last night I took Sadie up to Anna’s house so she could go out trick or treating with Shea and Raine.

In the end Shea was the only one who ended up going out door to door.

Sadie was too tired and Raine was already in bed. Poor Raine missed most of Β the fun because she has been fighting a nasty bug all week.

The pumpkin craving photos are Shea with his cousin Kaitlyn. She is Anna’s niece and is the best niece ever! She takes Shea most Sundays and they always get up to something fun and exciting.

Hope you guys all had a fun Halloween.

Know its time to hit the gym…too many candies last night.

Have a good weekend!

Anna and Bekah xoxox

Ps Al photo bombed one of the pics. See if you can find him πŸ™‚

Cats, Frogs and Party Girls Oh My!

Good Morning!! Its Friday YAYO!!!

Yesterday we attended a birthday/costume party for Max!

He was turning the big 2!

It was really fun but it involved a lot screaming and banging….ughhh kids are loud!

Anyway enjoy the pics….Β kids in costumes are so funny!

Have a great weekend xoxoxo

Ps Shea was in attendance but somehow seemed to miss all the pictures.

The party starts out sophisticated and pleasant :)
The party starts out sophisticated and pleasant πŸ™‚
Sadie leans back and enjoys the company
Sadie leans back and enjoys the company
than this happened...Bitch stole my look!
than this happened…Bitch stole my look!
Group pic!!!
Group pic!!!
The party son took a turn where everyoe ended up naked...or the baby equivalent nothing but a diaper.
The party took a turn where everyone ended up naked…or the baby equivalent nothing but a diaper.
The cutest moment Elis feeding Raine x
The cutest moment Elis feeding Raine x

Second Wind Workout: Cardio, Fresh Air and the Kids

Happy Friday Healthy People!!!

Do you guys ever experience that mid afternoon slump?

You know that feeling around 1:30 or 2pm and it just seems like the day has been so long but yet there is still so much left to do…cook dinner, bath time, return emails, bed time stories, watch real housewives….

One trick we use to combat the mid afternoon slump is what we call the second wind work out. The purpose is to re-energize yourself and get another blast of those good feelings that come with working out.

Since we do our “hardcore” working out in the morning, the second wind work out is little lighter and usually revolves around cardio, fresh air and the kids. Our go to second wind work out is a long walk. But it could be a swim, a game of basketball, 10 sun salutations or skipping in the back yard.

We are lucky to have beautiful parks and playgrounds around both our neighbourhoods. So its easy to find fresh air, ducks to feed, slides to play on and as Shea says “secret bridges in the forest.” Plus its endless free entertainment for the kids!

Try incorporating the second wind work out into your daily routine and we promise you wont regret it!

Below are a few pictures from one of our many days out on a second wind workout.

Have a great weekend!

Anna and Bekah xoxox