Three Bean Salad

Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes (this is not raw, like the challenge Anna is doing), but it is a vegan- three bean salad. Its great for a summer BBQ or to bring up to the cottage for the weekend. I love having a salad on hand, ready to compliment any meal or just to have as a quick snack on its own. The best part about this three bean salad the longer it marinates in the fridge the better it tastes! Continue reading “Three Bean Salad”


Good morning! Pre-Workout vegan Meal.

Good morning! I thought I would post my breakfast/pre-workout meal: 4 bananas blended with 2 stalks of celery and 1/3 of a cucumber. I also try to add about 750ml of water into the blender. For my workout I am teaching Jillian Michael’s Body Shred and Les Mills RPM (spin), I would say I will burn between 500-600 calories (I always guess modestly). A pre-workout meal should be consumed at least 1 or 2 hours before your workout so it doesn’t compromise your performance and so that the food digest properly. Some people might be thinking: 4 bananas!! Isn’t that … Continue reading Good morning! Pre-Workout vegan Meal.

Watermelon Juice Recipe

Good morning! If you are like Anna and I and live on the east coast you too will have arose to more snow! I am getting so tired of this snow and can hardly wait for it all to melt so I can start hitting the beach, running outside and enjoying all the other lovely activities the spring and summer bring. For now lets sip on some watermelon juice and pretend its summer! This recipe creates the most amazing juice, you will be blown away. It is refreshing, delicious and so smooth. All you need for this recipe is one … Continue reading Watermelon Juice Recipe

Day 10- Vegan Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Welcome to the final recipe of the 10 easy vegan lunches. Sustaining a mostly vegan diet means you can enjoy huge and delicious salads on a daily bases. And what is the most important practice for keeping the relationship healthy and alive between you and your salads? Switching up your dressings to keep things new and exciting! Introducing today’s recipe Vegan Honey Mustard Vinaigrette! Home made salad dressings are much tastier than store bought and plus you know exactly what you’re eating. This dressing is simple with only 4 ingredients. For those of you HWB readers who are participating in the … Continue reading Day 10- Vegan Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Day 9- Tropical Smoothie

Morning healthy peeps, its day 9 of the 10 easy vegan lunches. Today’s lunch is a tropical smoothie for all you busy moms on the go! I love smoothies they are so hydrating and refreshing. I have at least one a day. A green smoothie with kale or spinach is usually my staple but sometimes its good to switch it up with something a little sweeter and more refreshing. Now its cold…lets pretend we are in a tropical climate sipping on tropical smoothies!!This tropical smoothie is so tasty, because it is sweet and tangy all in one. For this recipe you … Continue reading Day 9- Tropical Smoothie

ALT: Avocado, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

What’s up Day 7?! This is one of my favourite breakfast or lunches. It’s so easy and sooooo delicious. Give it a try, you may get addicted xo Anna. You need: 2 pieces of bread of your choice I use Ezekiel. 1/3-1 whole avocado ( depends on how much fat you want or need) 1/2 half of a house tomato a few leafs of lettuce 1 tablespoon of veganaise Direction: Toast your bread, spread on the veganaise and stack on your veggies. I like to add sea salt and pepper too. Continue reading ALT: Avocado, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Do we all need to go gluten free??!!

Ahhhhhh pasta! Carbs are fattening!!! Calm down, all pasta is not bad and the low carb thing is sooooo 10 years ago ( Dr. Atkins died 50 pounds overweight, you may know). I was a full fledge fitness freak when the low carb craze hit its stride and at various points it did help me lose weight. But to be honest I think it was my lack of snack choices and my practice of pushing away the bread basket that did the trick. I think this is why the gluten free diet works for so many people, only a small … Continue reading Do we all need to go gluten free??!!