Progression not Perfection

Hi my name is Bekah and I am a recovering perfection-olic. I used to strive for perfection in all areas of my life and continuously feel discouraged when I fell short. Unfortunately I was always let down because everyone knows there is no such thing as perfect! As I got older I realized striving for perfect is not only an unrealistic goal but it’s dangerous. Why? Because when I would not meet my goal of perfection, like most people I would throw the baby out with the bath water. Eventually I changed my goal from perfection to progression.

Recently I have come face to face with the old perfection complex.  I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and trying my best to eat healthy and take care of myself. The problem is the eating healthy thing is not going as well as planned.  I won’t go into detail but a lot of carbs have been consumed over the last few weeks and vegetables have been scarce. I usually eat super healthy and super clean, and this slump has really made me feel bad about myself. I have really had to focus on the progress I have made versus the days which I have viewed as a failure in regards to eating healthy.

The desire and want that leads to striving for perfection is not the problem. Most people who are striving for perfection are really saying I want to be great in a certain area or achieve a specific goal. Wanting these things are not bad. Wanting these things are not even unrealistic, but actually are completely possible. Striving for perfection however is not how you achieve them. Small victories are how you achieve your goals. Making progress every day is how you find success. Every step you make towards your goal allows you to be closer to achieving that goal.

So what happens when you make a misstep? Well if you are striving for perfection it’s a big failure and you go back to square one! When striving for progression and you make a misstep it doesn’t bring you back to the beginning of your journey, it just puts you one step behind. And that is fine, sometimes when you’re tired and pregnant and really want a bagel, you’re ok with one step behind.

In my life I continuously strive to be healthier each day, rather than eat perfectly every day. The more knowledge I gain on how to nourish and fuel my body the healthier I become. If I look back at my first pregnancy I am a lot healthy this time around than the first time. To me that is success.

Getting a little bit better every day is how major success happens, success doesn’t happen overnight. If you listen to any success story whether it’s weight loss, starting a business or becoming a rock star, the same thing is said over and over again, nothing happens overnight and you will fall down at times but you must get back up and keep trying. The next time you get stressed from falling short of perfection- remember you are striving for progression not perfection!!!

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Top 3 Fumbles When it Comes to Sticking with Your New Year Resolutions

Three most common mistakes when it comes to goal setting and achieving

A New Year has arrived and resolutions are being formed all around the global. Some people are writing their goals down in detail with clear action points and performance metrics. Others are sharing their goals with friends while sipping a pint. Then of course there are the people who say they do not believe in resolutions but even these people conscious or subconsciously are creating goals somewhere deep in their minds.

Unfortunately so many people do not get the satisfaction of achieving their annual goals. So why do so many people miss the mark? A number of things can get in between you and your goal; lack of motivation, unclear focus, not enough time and that’s just to name a few.

Here are the three  most  common reasons for missteps and fumbles when it comes to goal setting and achieving.

Future Tripping

The scenario

It is December 31, 2013 and you sit down to come up your goals for year. One of the goals you are seriously contemplating is becoming vegan.  Without even noticing future tripping ensue, you start thinking about a party you have to attend in a few weeks. This party also happens to be hosted at a French steak house. Than you start to think about what you will eat, you quickly jump to how people will react at the dinner if you explain your ordering a salad and not a steak because your vegan. Before you know you are in a full blown panic attack as though you are at the dinner party right now and the waiter is standing above you saying “will you be having the steak madam?”

The game plan

Over analysis of a situation usually results in indecision and confusion and we all know what they say about a confused mind. A confused mind never buys and in this situation a confused mind does not make a decision.  You don’t have to have every answer planned out today.  You will adapt and change as different situations occur. When you find yourself tripping about the future, wind it in and focus on today and today only. Don’t allow yourself to over analysis a future moment that has not even occurred yet. Even worse, which might not even ever occur, what if fall sick that day? You would have forfeited your goal for a future moment that never actualized!

Striving for perfection

The scenario

It’s January 14th and you have so far kept to your 2014 goal, which was a vow to not eat chips for the entire year. Than out of nowhere you get a mad craving for chips and all the sudden you are scrapping the bottom of an empty bag of ruffles all dressed and you think to yourself what happened. You tell yourself obviously this is too hard and nobody can cut chips from their life. This goal is ridiculous. You then end up throwing baby out with the bath water and ditching on your goal all together.

The game plan

This is basic, we all want to be perfect and yet we all know it’s impossible to be perfect and its inevitable at some point we will have a slip up. To prevent this from happening you have to do two things; first forgive yourself for slipping up and carry on as planned without focusing on that one weak moment and second reflect on how you can better approach cravings. For example what triggered the craving? Does watching a movie make you want to eat chips? If so make sure you are prepared for the next movie watching session with snacks that will satisfy your craving. Hummus and carrots perhaps? Also remember you have to acclimatize to your new way of eating. Once you start to get used to not eating chips the things that used to draw you just don’t any more.

Setting too many goals

The scenario

It’s January 1st 2014 and your ambitious, you’re ready to take on the world! You start brain storming ideas for things you want and need to accomplish. Before you know it you have a list of 10 goals you want to achieve. You start coming up with your action points and you get overwhelmed, then you lose focus and before you know it its June and you can hardly remember all 10 goals you had set.

The game plan

One of the most important key success factors for hitting any goal is  clarity and focus. Setting too many goals usually decreases focus because there are too many actions points we must pursue and clarity is thrown out the window. From my personal experience I think people should stick to 1- 3 goals a year. I myself have been a victim of setting too many goals in the past. I used set about 6-8 a year and I found pretty consistently I achieve exactly three goals a year. I know set three goals a year- max. I tend to also have a theme each year. For example last year was all health and fitness oriented, while this year is going to be all business and career oriented. I find this helps with increased focus and clarity.

This is not to say that you should never have more than one to three goals. Rather, you need to realize that you have only so much time and energy. Therefore chose goals that will give you the highest reward or make the biggest change to your life. If you happen to complete all by June, great you continue with your second priority goals.

Hope this helps you guys with setting and achieving your goals for 2014! Please share with us your new year resolutions or any tips you may have that will help with goal setting and achieving. As you know Anna and I love to hear about people achieving their goals and dreams- so share please!

Happy New Year to all you healthy people xo

Holiday thoughts and our plant based vegan challenge starts January 1st!


Hello friends,
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I am blessed to be having a wonderful week full of family, food and friends. Trying to fit in meditation during the holidays has been interesting, but I have taken time to reflect on how fortunate my family and I are. Gratitude is a big part of my meditation practice and this week thoughts of children around the world keep popping into my head. I realized how fortunate I am to live in Canada. My children are not experiencing their childhood in a war torn country, or a country ravaged by a natural disaster or an AIDS epidemic. Myself and my children were just lucky enough to be born in this particular place at this particular time. I know there are many families living in there own private war zones here in Canada and I am sending love and prayers their way as we’ll. Meditating on this topic over the holidays has motivated me to give back more to people, the earth and animals. It is all connected. I have been living a plant based diet for a while now, but I am more motivated then ever to be the healthiest and strongest I can be to give back to the planet any way possible.
Plant Based Vegan Challenge:
I would love for others to kick start their health and wellness by joining Health, Wealth and Baby in a 30 day Plant based vegan challenge. Cleanse your spirit, your mind and body. I am working out all the details and I will post them New Years eve! Peace, love and fitness xoxo Anna.

How to lose weight, get that promotion or achieve any other goal you may have!

Action steps for setting and achieving any goal

As you guys now I have recently returned to work and I am now switching into business mode and preparing to go full force with my career.

In the spirit of new beginnings, I thought I would share with you guys the framework I use for goal setting. It’s something I picked up in grad school and I love it because it’s simple and straight forward.

This framework is not exclusively for career goals it could be used for health, fitness or personal goals. I used this framework when I set my goal to lose the 55 pounds I gained while pregnant with Sadie. It helped me successfully achieve my weight loss goal. The proof is in the pictures above!

So let’s get into it. The framework is called SMART which is an acronym for; specific, measurable, action, realistic and time bound. Get a piece of paper and pen and we can run through the framework together.

Specific- First step write down your goal and make sure it is specific and clear. Stay far away from general or ambiguous goals. A goal such as “be healthier” is too vague, while a goal like  “lose twenty pounds” is clear and well defined.

Measurable- The next step is finding a way to measure your goal. Measuring your progress works as a way to ensure that you’re on track. Write down all the ways you could measure your goal. Than chose the metric that would work best and I like to refer to these as my performance metrics.  An example of a performance metric for the example given above could be a weekly weight in.

Action- Next up, brain storming what needs to be done to achieve your goal. Write a list of the action points you will need to take to achieve your goal. An example of an action point using the weight loss example could be going to the gym 4 days a week.

Realistic- After you have defined your goal and made your list of performance metrics and action points review your work and ask yourself whether it is realistic or not. You want your goal to be somewhat of a challenge and stretch but not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Time bound- Lastly create a  deadline for your goal. You can also create a timeline that includes a number of mini deadlines if  if it’s needed. For example if you’re trying to lose weight you could have a mini deadlines for pounds loss each week and an overall total amount of pounds loss deadline.

Hope this framework helps. Its not ground breaking but its easy to use and more importantly works…so why recreate the wheel right?

Remember every big success is achieved one small step at time!

How To Create A Power Posse

My Power Posse less a few members
My Power Posse less a few members

Have you ever gone on vacation with a super healthy friend? You know the type of person who doesn’t eat carbs and is sugar free or maybe vegetarian or even vegan.

I have had this experience and at times it felt annoying because I felt pressured to eat better just being in the presence of this healthy person. However by the end of the trip I was happy because I felt great and picked up some good habits. Now days I am that annoying healthy person on a trip…paying it forward.

This experience is the basic principal of “you are the company you keep” in working action.

Surrounding yourself with people who are really healthy pushes you to be more heath.

Surrounding yourself with people who spend all day lying on the couch will push you towards spending more time on the couch. This is why creating a mastermind group or as I like to say a power posse is so important.

What is a power posse? A power posse is a group of two or more people who come together to share in knowledge, provide support and feedback, motivate, inspire and influence each other.

One of my favourite books and must read for all you HWB readers is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon dedicates a whole chapter speaking to the importance of having a mastermind group. Napoleon helps us understand that you don’t need to know everything you just need to surround yourself with people who know just as much or more than you do.

Think- Two brains are better than one! This is the idea behind the power posse.

A power posse is such a natural thing for mom’s because we already love to come together and share. The accumulated experience of all the mom’s in the group allows you have so much more information than if you only had your own experience to draw from.

I was invited into a power posse with a few mom’s when I first had Sadie and it proved to be so beneficial. We all had babies around the same time and all had fitness goals we wanted to achieve. We met every week and would often discuss our fitness routine or eating habits. We were also there to listen to one another’s struggles or frustrations…which can be lengthy at times for new mom’s. We were  there to compliments and provide reinforcement for the changes and progress we had individually made. We also provided motivation and inspiration for one another.

Being around other mom’s, who had the same values as me, helped strengthen my values. Sometimes when you see your goals and values in someone else it highlights why you created the goals in the first place. And watching others be successful makes you want to be more successful. You see the positive change and you think I want some of that too!

In the end our whole group achieved our fitness goals. And we are all pretty hot mamas now (see picture above!)

ok so lets get to the practical stuff. Here are three tips to forming a power posse

Be Brave and Ask- Look for people in your life that have the qualities and habits that you already have or want to have. If you are a gym mom and go to classes every day and you see another mom doing the same thing, be brave and ask her if she wants to do a play group. Or if you’re a social networking mom and you always see a specific mom posting picture of green smoothies or kale chips and you want to start eating health. Message that mom; see if she wants to get together.

Set a Consistent Time to Meet Regularly- Once you establish a relationship with your like-minded mom’s set a consistent time that you mom’s can get together each week or month. This can be with the kids or without. Share and

Ask for Feedback- Start sharing with the mom’s. Talk about your goals and how you want to achieve them. Ask the mom’s want they are trying to achieve or what struggles they might be having. Ask for feedback, maybe they have tips for healthy eating or working out. If you are brave enough to open up about your struggles or frustrations I promise they will too. And if they don’t find new mom’s!!!

Stay at Home Mom versus Career Mom: 5 things to consider before making the big decision

As my return to corporate Canada quickly approaches, I have experienced both excitement and anxiety butterflies.

It was always the plan to go back to work, so why do I feel so guilty? I truly enjoy my work and still have so many career goals that I want to see actualized. On the other hand I feel as though I brought Sadie into this world and I should be taking care of her at all times.

I assume my anxiety and guilt is not unique and many working mom’s feel this way. I also know from talking to family and friends that stay at home mom’s have their own bag of guilt they carry around.

I considered a number of things before I decided that returning to work was the best decision for me. I wanted to share my list of the top 5 things to consider  when making the decision to stay at home or return to work.

Which alternative allows for you to be the best you? This seems like a simple question but really focus in on how you feel and not how society says you should feel. Are you serving your family and the people around at the highest level when you are working as a stay at home mom? Or are you more giving and nurturing person when you’re working outside the home. What gives you energy and gets you excited? Or what depletes you or makes you feel empty? Really tune into your inner self and block out society norms or rules and focus on what works best for you.

What would the Accountant say? Most people jump right to the money question when determining whether they should stay home. I think this should be a secondary thought because money can be manipulated and massaged to fit your choice, but things like desire or want can’t be as easily changed. When making the decision to stay at home or go back to work you really want to think about what makes you happy first before you take a look at the finances.

Once you have determined you have a desire or want to stay at home a number of things should be considered. What will the loss of income mean to your family? Can your family survive on one income? What future income is forgone by staying home? Also start to think of how you can minimize your family expenses. Moving may be required, getting rid of a car or all cars or perhaps learning to use coupons.

On the flip side if you have decided that going back to work makes you happy, than the day care cost should not be a deterrent. First of all you can’t put a price on happiness. Secondly daycare is a short-term expense, while your salary is a long term revenue stream which will continue to grow as long as your active in your career. By taking yourself out of the work force you not only forgo your current income but also the future income you would have incurred through promotions, raises and bonuses.

You’re a role model now…Don’t F it up! One of the most daunting feelings as a parent is the thought that you are 100% in charge of this little being. Their life is in your hands! And beware your kids are watching you at every moment. Your values and beliefs come through stronger with your daily actions, habits and rituals than what you may be teaching them verbally. You don’t want to be sending the wrong message to your kids by displaying bad behaviour. For example if you’re working outside the house and are always complaining about work, expressing how much you don’t want to go or just an overall negative nelly about your career, your kids will start to associate work with negative thoughts and feelings. You want to show your kids behaviour that sends a positive message. Plus if your happy, your kids are more likely to be happy.

Quality versus Quantity. In life quality almost always exceeds quantity. So use this rule when thinking about how you spend time with your kids. Are you striving for quantity or quality? For example if you’re a stay at home mom but feel like you have scarified your whole being and spend most of the day dreaming about what you could be doing outside of the home, does this benefit you or your child?

Can you handle to the hustle? Lastly I can’t say from personal experience yet but I hear that working outside the home requires the ability to juggle a lot of balls! And don’t go dirty on me girls. It could be said that the ability to thrive in stressful and chaotic situations is required for a career mom. However working as a stay at home mom also requires tolerance for both stress and chaos. I guess the only difference is stay at home mom’s don’t have to put on hair, make up and a power suit.

Whatever your choice may be staying home or going back to work make sure to follow your intuition and make a choice that feels the best for you and your family. We would love to hear what others think of this topic. Is career mom or stay at home mom guilt a common thing? Let us know!

Create Success In Your Business or Career With Meditation


Meditation is no longer a woo woo practice only performed by Buddhist and hippies. Lately more and more high level executives and business owners have been toting the benefits of meditation. The reason is because meditation provides a combination benefits including: lower stress levels, improved cognitive functions, and creative and innovative thinking.

So how exactly do these benefits help us achieve more success in our businesses and careers?

Let’s break it down.

Meditation can be thought of as a sort of mental housekeeping exercise. The mind can become cluttered with so many distracting, negative and useless thoughts and these thoughts can become overwhelming and increase our stress. Through mediation we can begin to reduce and eliminate such thoughts and therefore lower stress levels.

Once our stress levels begin to decrease we are better able to cope with adversity. That leads us into the next benefit improved cognitive functions. We can become more agile in our decision making when our mind has more open and clear space. We can also complete tasks with more ease as we feel more relaxed and this increases productivity.

Open space also allows for creative and innovative thinking. A lot of people think that meditation is used to tune out thought but it is really used to tune into your thoughts. The problem is we need to sweep out the repetitive and non-productive thinking to allow for ourselves to get in touch with our intuition. Once we can get to this place creativity and innovation accelerates!

Meditation is such an important tool when trying to achieve success but don’t just take my word for it.

Listen to what some actual mega successful people have to say about it.

Steve Jobs despite his notorious ego and reputation for cruel behaviour was actually fascinated with Buddhism and meditation. Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson “that meditation was a way to observe how restless your mind can be.” Jobs further explained once your mind is calm that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly. He also said that “It’s a discipline, you have to practise it.”

Oprah has been spreading the word on the many benefits of meditation for years now. Oprah also famously meditated with Eckhart Tolle on her live podcast. She was reluctant at first; even telling Eckhart that silence on live air was not a good thing. He persisted and they ended up doing it at the beginning of every episode, in the 10 episode series they did together.

The wildly successful blogger Arianna Huffington has mentioned in numerous articles that mediation and overall mental wellness is a critical success factor to business. She told vogue that morning yoga and meditation are joy triggers. I most defiantly agree!

How To Beat Procrastination!


What’s the first step to becoming amazing at life? Stop procrastinating and start doing!

The reason why most people end up settling for mediocrity is because they are too busy procrastinating, on twitter, Facebook or engaging in one of the other millions of daily distraction.

Now before you start to think “what’s wrong with me I do all the above…maybe I have ADD? ” Stop!

Here is the thing about procrastination it is something everyone struggles with. Even highly successful people that seem to be getting it all done day inand day out are not exempt from procrastination. The only difference between you and them is they know procrastination is coming and they are prepared.

I used to be a mad procrastinator but after completing my bachelor of commerce, pursing an MBA, working towards my accounting designation and becoming a mom I have managed to beat down procrastination. Here is my game plan when it comes to procrastination.

Start with the biggest project

I start by doing the biggest, hardest, scariest project first. I used to get distracted with picking the low hanging fruit when I knew I really need to be climbing up that damn tree to get the good stuff!

You know how it goes, replying to emails, checking your bank account, anything really to avoid the big the stuff. But over time I learned that if you do the hardest thing first the rest feels like a breeze. Plus those good feelings you get from accomplishing the biggest task first gives you confidence to finish the rest.

Schedule and commit

I always schedule what I need to get done and make it a non-negotiable. If you tell yourself you will get to it later, later may never come. When it is not scheduled you are stuck with that worrying feeling that you know you have work to do but are unsure of when you will get to it. I hate that feeling. It’s like a doom cloud over your whole day or even your whole week. Once its schedule you can relax because you know the exact day and time you will tackle and complete your project. Plus with kids scheduling becomes even more important as everything needs to have a time and place or chaos will ensue.

Do less to accomplish more

Stop multitasking, it just does not work. I know this too be true from my own experience but the data is there to back it up. Social scientists have argued for years that it is just not possible to process more than one thing at a time. Stanford University conducted a study to test this theory and found that the results proved over and over again that high multitaskers always underperformed next to low multitaskers. The article is really interesting I will put the link below.

So I never do more than one thing at time. For example checking your email in the midst of writing a blog post or trying to edit a document while you’re watching your kids, this makes for a cranky mom and ensures you spend at least double the amount of time required to complete your project. Wait till the kids are in bed or your partner is home and don’t let yourself engage in any another activities or distractions till after you have completed your tasked.

The stopwatch is ticking!

I give myself a time limit and adhere by it. Seems obvious but I used to lose track of time and spend hours on a project that I only expected to take an hour or so. However I found that if I was strict on setting a time limit and disciplined enough to follow it, I worked faster and more efficiently. I now take out my iPhone and turn on the stopwatch app at the beginning of every project. I sit the phone on the table so I can see that timer ticking away. This practice really helps you zone in and focus when you know the clock is literally ticking. Also if you’re competitive like me you will want to accomplish the goal within the allotted time. From a business point of view this also helps you see how much time you are actually spending on each project which helps determine what business processes are taking the most amount of time and if your pricing and profits match the time spent.

Hope this helps you beat procrastination! Remember it happens to everyone so it is all about creating a game plan that works for you or copy mine.

As promised the Stanford article-

5 Things Successful Moms Do Before 8am

As a self-development junkie, I love articles that expose the secrets on how the successful and wealthy achieve their goals. But ever since becoming a mom I have found that a lot of the self-development practices and rituals seem impossible to perform while caring for a baby or two.

The more I thought about it, I realized that all the gurus, thought leaders and successful people I follow are either male or female’s without kids.

Forbes recently posted an article titled “The 5 things super successful people do before 8am.”  The article detailed the daily rituals performed by the ultra-successful.

After reading the article I began thinking more about self-development and how we mom’s can apply such practices. I was inspired to re-work the top 5 things to accommodate mom’s.

The article begins with explaining that all successful people rise early and get to business. This is good news for mom’s because we are usually up at the crack of dawn, like it or not. It’s hard to press snooze on a human alarm clock.

The article than details the five practices that successful people engage in before 8 am and the list includes; exercise, map out your day, eat a healthy breakfast, visualization and make your day top heavy.

So here we have it the remix- “five things successful mom’s can do before 8am.”

Exercise- Everyone knows that exercise is always dreaded but never regretted.  And the energy boost that accompanies a work out cannot be denied.  We mom’s need as much energy as we can get, so exercise is a must! So you can go for a brisk walk with your baby/babies in the stroller. Or if you have older kids a morning bike ride.

If your morning is too busy for an outing, you can try doing 20 minutes of yoga at home. Or even doing ten sun salutations will get your heart racing and give you that energy blast that comes with exercise. My daughter thinks it’s hilarious when I do yoga and eggs me on.  Who doesn’t need a tiny little cheerleader?

Map out your day- Planning and scheduling your day is not only important to achieving success in your career or business but in your home life as well. Mapping out your day keeps your kids in a routine which is so important but also you and your partner in the loop of what everyone is up to. Without a schedule, chaos usually ensues. Whenever I operate without a daily plan I always regret it. Breakfast is a great time to outline the plan for the day.

Eat Healthy breakfast- A healthy breakfast is an obvious tip but sometimes we need to hear these things over and over again. It reminds us that grabbing a coffee and a muffin and running out the door it not setting us up for success.  A healthy breakfast is so important to have a good day not only for yourself but for your kids. You want to be fuelling their little bodies with power foods rather than processed junk.

Fruit, fruit and more fruit! It’s easy and fast to prepare. You can include anything from bananas to grapes to strawberries, whatever you got! This is a healthy breakfast for you and baby but remember to eat lots because you want to be full and ready to tackle the day. My fruit breakfast can include up to three bananas, 12 dates, and a whole mango.

On the go mom’s who don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast can make green smoothies and put them in Sippy cups to go. My daughter loves green smoothies but the trick is it must have dates. Dates are really healthy but they are also super sweet so they can completely take over in a smoothie leaving the leafy greens completely undetected. My personal favourite includes; 12 dates, a bunch of kale and 2 bananas. Its tasty but packed full of goodness.

Visualization- Visualization and mediation is an activity that people generally like to do in a peaceful setting, while sitting alone. As mom’s we do not have the luxury of always having a peaceful setting or alone time but we can still participate in this practice.

Make your visualization process something you share loud and proud.  Say out loud what you normally would visualize in your head. This is an activity you can do while eating your breakfast with your kids or on the go. And if you have older kids get them involved. Anna and Shea do this in the mornings and they get pumped for the day together by yelling positive affirmations. Meditation is also possible while you’re with your kids, but does take a lot of practice and patience.

Make your day top heavy- We all have a list of responsibilities or chores we have to perform throughout the day and we usually put of the ones we hate till the end. Making your day top heavy means you do the biggest, scariest, most unwanted thing first. This is a trick I have used for a while now and it really works. Two things happen: one you don’t have a doom cloud of dread all day and two once the hardest thing is done the rest feels like a breeze. Plus those good feelings you get from accomplishing the biggest task first gives you confidence to finish the rest.

Hope you this tips help. And let us know if you have any morning routines that help jump start a successful day.

Here is the link to the Forbes article-

How to Stand Out In A Crowd

Do you find yourself negotiating your products and services to accommodate every customer you come in contact with? Do you do business with people who are not that into your products/services but for some reason keeping coming back only to complain and demand a discount? Than this article is for you!

Assuming that your business can cater to everyone is a huge mistake. Even Wal-Mart one of the biggest companies in the world doesn’t market to everyone. So why do so many entrepreneurs make this mistake? Why do small businesses find themselves altering or changing their services and/or products to please the masses?

Because it’s tempting to market to everyone! Sometimes people think that having a general target market will result in more customers. But here is the thing- it won’t!

Another common thought is targeting in on niche market leaves out potential buyers. However trying to please everyone is a sure way to please no one. If you try to market to everyone you will find yourself diluting your products and brand to appeal to the masses. Before you know you have a watered down version of yourself which significantly reduces the value you offer to your customer.

When you’re a small business one of the best ways to position yourself Continue reading “How to Stand Out In A Crowd”