Raw Vegan Energy Bars

Happy Friday healthy people!

Fall is here and it is back to the hustle for us moms. Thought I would share the perfect snack to bring on the go or to have as a quick breakfast for those mornings you are running behind. As always its simple, simple, simple, while still being healthy, vegan, and tasty.

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Farewell to Summer

This has been one of the best summers! Even without alcohol or being able to stay up past 830pm due to pregnancy exhaustion. Sadie is a great age to enjoy the beach and the water and we have taken full advantage. I have also been able to spend a lot of time with niece and nephew who are also great ages for enjoying all the summer activities. One of my favorite weekends of the summer was Continue reading “Farewell to Summer”

5 Healthy habits that take 5 miuntes or less!

Why do healthy habits seem to always slip during the summer months? Spending so much of the summer outside, in beautiful surroundings, in small amounts of clothing- it seems like you would be at your healthiest. My problem begins with the busy schedule that comes with summer, I get thrown off my regular routine and my habits begin to slip. Continue reading “5 Healthy habits that take 5 miuntes or less!”

Hey exhausted moms, have you ever heard of a Sleep Coach?

Hi friends (sleepy moms in particular),

The post below is not my voice. It is a good friend of mine. She posted this personal story on her Facebook a couple days ago and I thought it was so honest and interesting, I just had to repost! I never used a sleep coach with either of my children, but I certainly (still do) had days and nights were I thought the exhaustion of a “nighttime waker” would swallow me up and that I would never recover. Continue reading “Hey exhausted moms, have you ever heard of a Sleep Coach?”

Vegan power potato salad

Happy Friday Friends,

In the spirit of summer I threw together a quick vegan potato salad last night. It was hit for David and I! The kids weren’t as enthusiastic because of all of the mystery greens, toddlers can be such food snobs 😉 Anyway this salad was very fast to make and I added a few extras to pump it up. Continue reading “Vegan power potato salad”

Raw Food Update: Dairy, Digestion and Facebook.

Hi Everyone,

I just finished the raw food challenge and it went pretty smooth. I have been doing one cooked vegan meal at night (rice or quinoa usually), this was my intention when I started the challenge anyway, I like like the texture of cooked food once a day. It hasn’t been too challenging because I eat like this 75% of the time anyway. But I do thrive off the structure and motivation of a group challenge, plus Continue reading “Raw Food Update: Dairy, Digestion and Facebook.”