Create Success In Your Business or Career With Meditation

Meditation is no longer a woo woo practice only performed by Buddhist and hippies. Lately more and more high level executives and business owners have been toting the benefits of meditation. The reason is because meditation provides a combination benefits including: lower stress levels, improved cognitive functions, and creative and innovative thinking. So how exactly do these benefits help us achieve more success in our businesses and careers? Let’s break it down. Meditation can be thought of as a sort of mental housekeeping exercise. The mind can become cluttered with so many distracting, negative and useless thoughts and these thoughts … Continue reading Create Success In Your Business or Career With Meditation

How to Stand Out In A Crowd

Do you find yourself negotiating your products and services to accommodate every customer you come in contact with? Do you do business with people who are not that into your products/services but for some reason keeping coming back only to complain and demand a discount? Than this article is for you!

Assuming that your business can cater to everyone is a huge mistake. Even Wal-Mart one of the biggest companies in the world doesn’t market to everyone. So why do so many entrepreneurs make this mistake? Why do small businesses find themselves altering or changing their services and/or products to please the masses?

Because it’s tempting to market to everyone! Sometimes people think that having a general target market will result in more customers. But here is the thing- it won’t!

Another common thought is targeting in on niche market leaves out potential buyers. However trying to please everyone is a sure way to please no one. If you try to market to everyone you will find yourself diluting your products and brand to appeal to the masses. Before you know you have a watered down version of yourself which significantly reduces the value you offer to your customer.

When you’re a small business one of the best ways to position yourself Continue reading “How to Stand Out In A Crowd”