Roasted Chickpeas: Easy & Delicious



Nothing feels as good as laying on the couch to watch a clever documentary…..or hours of housewives. Which ever you choose, can’t have a night on the couch without snacks!

Roasted chickpeas are a great alternative to classic savoury snacks, such as chips or popcorn. These tiny little beans, packed with fibre are delicious and satisfying when roasted and seasoned.

With the noticeable change in temperature over the last weeks, cozy times are defiantly on their way. Time to get the snacks ready!

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Meditation for Maniacs: Navigating relationships.

Happy Friday Beautiful! This post is a repeat from my previous blog page. But I thought it would be so applicable to this particular time of year. One of the most complicated things we navigate is our relationships and interactions with other people. A lot of energy (positive or negative) is created and communicated in our interactions with others. Here are a few steps to stay on track spiritually in the real world. You can project peace, love and unity in your world, it just takes a little practice. Step 1-Wait to React. For many of us reacting to a … Continue reading Meditation for Maniacs: Navigating relationships.